EndWarts PEN on children under 4 years

EndWarts PEN is an effective wart treatment that can be used by the whole family, including children. Always consult a Healthcare Professional before treating a child under the age of 4, since warts are sometimes confused with other common viral infections, for example molluscs.

Children should always be treated by an adult, as the EndWarts solution is corrosive and needs to be handled with extra care. Follow the instructions carefully and avoid applying the solution to the skin that surrounds the wart. When EndWarts PEN is used correctly it is not painful to the child. You can download full instructions for use here.

User instructions

Small children have soft, thin skin. Therefore it is important to adjust the dose of EndWarts PEN on children less than 4 years by only pressing the tip of the pen against the wart once and reducing the frequency.

Just follow these simple steps:

Endwarts pen remove cap

1. Remove the child-resistant cap

2. Press the tip of the pen gently against the wart for one second and repeat once

Done! Treat regularly once a week until the wart has disappeared completely

The formic acid in the EndWarts PEN penetrates the skin immediately, so if the child is prone to sucking his or her fingers where the wart is located, the hands can be washed off after treatment.

If the treatment causes burning or stinging, rinse the wart with water.  It has already absorbed the EndWarts PEN solution.

Warts on children usually disappear after 2-3 treatments.

Always keep the applicator pen out of sight and reach of children!

Where can I buy Endwarts?

EndWarts is available in your local pharmacy.

Endwarts PEN

Endwarts PEN

EndWarts PEN

Precise application

Contains the same powerful and effective acid as the original EndWarts. This product is developed and designed with the consumer`s needs and desires in mind. A safe device for convenient handling.