User instructions

The unique, user-friendly design of EndWarts PEN makes treating warts and verrucas much convenient.

For children under 4 years it is important to adjust the dose by only pressing the tip of the pen against the wart once and reducing the frequency as small children have soft, thin skin. Please make sure you speak to a Healthcare Professional before treating children under 4 years. 

Just follow these simple steps:

Endwarts pen remove cap

1. Remove the child-resistant cap

2. Press the tip of the pen gently against the wart for one second and repeat once

Done! Treat regularly once a week until the wart has disappeared completely

Each pen applicator contains a sponge that is filled with enough EndWarts solution to last for 30 applications. The sponge is attached to the nib and is designed to automatically deliver the right dose to the wart. The ergonomic, triangle-shaped grip makes the pen easy to grasp and ensures a precise application.

EndWarts PEN can be used by the whole family, but when treating children, the solution should always be applied by an adult. Please consult a Healthcare Professional for children under 4 years before treatment is applied. Read more about the treatment of children under 4 years here.

Always keep the applicator pen out of sight and reach of children.

Where can I buy Endwarts?

EndWarts is available in your local pharmacy.

EndWarts PEN

An effective wart treatment with precise application. EndWarts PEN is an effective wart treatment that only takes seconds to apply and is suitable for warts that requires precise application.

Endwarts PEN

Treatment of foot warts or an old/hard wart

Before treating foot warts (verrucas) or warts that are old and/or hard, soak them in warm water until the skin is soft. Use tweezers to scrape off the skin on top of the wart. For thick skin on inward-growing verrucas (foot warts), remove the hard skin carefully. 

Download full instructions for use here.

NOTE!  Follow the dosage and application instructions carefully as the solution is corrosive.

Do not use EndWarts PEN to remove facial or genital warts, molluscum or other skin lesions. Diabetics should only use the pen on healthy skin that is not affected by conditions caused by diabetes.



Endwarts PEN

EndWarts PEN

Precise application

Contains the same powerful and effective acid as the original EndWarts. This product is developed and designed with the consumer`s needs and desires in mind. A safe device for convenient handling.