Frequently Asked Questions about EndWarts PEN

Here you find the answers of the most frequently asked questions about EndWarts PEN.

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  • Can EndWarts PEN be used for all types of warts?

    EndWarts PEN can be used for warts and verrucas on hands, feet, elbows and knees. EndWarts PEN must not be used for treating genital warts or facial warts.

  • What does EndWarts PEN contain?

    Formic acid, water, glycerol and lemon oil.

  • How does EndWarts PEN work?

    EndWarts PEN is an effective treatment for the removal of warts and verrucas. The solution should be used for the treatment of hands, feet, elbows and knees, for both children and adults. The unique formula in EndWarts PEN helps the body to dry out and reject warts. EndWarts PEN is absorbed directly into the wart and the solution leaves no trace on the skin. You can, for example, put on socks or take a bath immediately following application.

  • Is it possible to break the PEN and /or remove the nib?

    No, the construction of the PEN is carefully tested and difficult to break. It can only be broken with intentional force. Nor is it possible to remove the nib.

  • Is EndWarts PEN easy to use?

    Yes, just remove the opening resistant cap and press the tip of the pen lightly against the wart for one second and repeat once. Treat regularly once a week until the wart/verruca has completely disappeared. Be careful not to apply the solution to the surrounding skin.

  • Does the PEN provide a convenient application?

    Yes, the pen applicator has a triangle shaped grip to enhance an ergonomic and steady application. The shape of the nib gives a precise and simple application.

  • Is the PEN safe to use?

    Yes, EndWarts PEN is safe to use. The precision applicator ensures safe application and the PEN in itself has a construction of highest quality. The precision applicator ensures safe application and the unique absorbent tip remains moist for applying on multiple warts EndWarts PEN is a CE marked Medical Device and is biodegradable.

  • Does the PEN have an opening resistant cap?

    Yes. The child resistant cap protects the ingredients from accidental contact with children. The lid can be closed in any position. To open, the cap will first be rotated until the orange strip is in line with the small cavity on the cap. Once in line, the cap can be safely pulled off of the pen body with a mild force.

  • Why does the tip of the EndWarts PEN look dry?

    The secret of EndWarts PEN is that only a very small amount of the solution is needed to be effective.

    The tip of EndWarts PEN is constructed to be slightly moist, but never wet.
    By pressing the tip of the pen on a piece of tissue before treatment, you will see a wet mark on the paper. Always keep the EndWarts PEN stored in an upright position.

  • Can EndWarts PEN be used on young children?

    Yes, children below 4 years of age can be treated with the EndWarts PEN but should be consulted with a Healthcare Professional before treating. For children under 4 years, it is particularly important to reduce the dose. Read the instructions for use carefully before treatment.

  • Can pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics use EndWarts PEN?

    There are no known risks associated with pregnancy or breastfeeding. Diabetics should only use EndWarts PEN on healthy skin that is not affected by any diabetic-related conditions. Be cautious. Do not to exceed the stated amount. If there are any complications, always contact a doctor/nurse or podiatrist.

  • Is the treatment with EndWarts PEN painful?

    No, the treatment doesn´t hurt when the product is used correctly and in accordance to the user instructions. EndWarts PEN contains formic acid and has, in the treatment of warts, a dehydrating effect. However, formic acid in itself is corrosive and needs to be handled with extra care. If the solution comes in contact with skin surrounding the wart, the skin can be damaged. If it should burn or sting when treating, rinse the wart/verruca with cold water and do not apply any more solution. It has already penetrated the wart/verruca. Never cover the wart with plasters during treatment with EndWarts PEN.

  • Can EndWarts PEN be used to treat multiple warts/verrucas at the same time?


  • Is it possible that a wart or verruca returns after a successful treatment?

    Since warts are caused by virus, everyone can get warts or get infected a new, and a whole 10% of the population is infected. But a wart or verruca that has been successfully treated with EndWarts will be permanently removed.

  • How does formic acid work compared to other acids?

    In the treatment of warts formic acid works different than all other acids. The EndWarts PEN solution penetrates deeply into the wart and effectively dries out the entire wart from the inside and the body consequently rejects the wart.

    Formic acid = Deep dry out effect

    Salicylic acid = Peeling effect

    Thrichloroacetic acid = Peeling effect

    Monochloroacetic acid = Peeling effect

  • Are there any safety precautions?

    The treatment doesn't hurt when the product is used correctly and in accordance with the user instructions. However, formic acid in itself is corrosive and needs to be handled with extra care. It is very important not to let the solution come in contact with the skin surrounding the wart - as it can damage the skin.

    If there is any burning or stinging sensation while treating, rinse the wart/verruca with cold water and do not apply any more solution. It is also very important to never cover the wart with plasters during treatment with EndWarts, the effect will be too strong and can cause skin damage.

Where can I buy Endwarts?

EndWarts is available in your local pharmacy.

EndWarts PEN

An effective wart treatment with precise application. EndWarts PEN is an effective wart treatment that only takes seconds to apply and is suitable for warts that requires precise application.

Endwarts PEN

Endwarts PEN

EndWarts PEN

Precise application

Contains the same powerful and effective acid as the original EndWarts. This product is developed and designed with the consumer`s needs and desires in mind. A safe device for convenient handling.