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10 Ways to keep your feet looking young

Our feet are amazing, there’s no doubt about it - but we put them through so much. On an active day the average person walks between 8,000 to 10,000 steps, which equates to approximately 4 to 5 miles – that’s some hard work they have to do.

Given all the punishment we put our feet through, It is important to look after them properly, but how do you keep them healthy and therefore younger looking? 

1. Keep your feet clean

It may sound too simple but healthy feet start with good foot hygiene. Wash them with soap and water, including between the toes, and then dry them thoroughly to avoid infections like athlete's foot or verrucas.

2. Cut your nails

Trim them regularly using nail clippers and always cut them across to avoid the chance of ingrown toenails. Trimming your toe nails will keep them strong and healthy.

3. Check them carefully

Make time to regularly check your feet for signs of things like athlete's foot and fungal nail infections. This way you will spot the signs early and can treat them before they get too bad. If you have any concerns after checking your feet consult a pharmacist or GP.

4. File your feet

Use a pumice stone or foot file to gently remove dry hard skin, do not remove too much as this encourages it to grow back harder. Do this every now and again to keep your feet silky and smooth for the summer months.

5. Moisturise

Use a good quality foot moisturiser on your feet regularly, especially if you find your feet can get dry.  You could always apply this overnight, - just pop a pair of clean socks over the top to lock in that moisture.

6. Paint your nails

Go bold - bright colours will actually make your feet look younger whilst pastel shades have the opposite effect. Don’t leave chipped polish on your toes either, once it’s started to chip, remove carefully and use a good quality polish remover – your nails will thank you!

7. Choose your shoes carefully

It is best to shop for shoes in the afternoon; your feet swell as the day goes on so they will be at their largest then, meaning the shoes you buy should fit better. Pick breathable footwear that will help keep your feet dry and healthy. If you wear high heels, don’t wear them all the time, rotate them with other pairs of shoes with different height heels. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals all the time, as they do not offer enough support to the foot and can cause issues as your toes try to grab onto them to help them stay on.

8. Use sun cream

We all know about the aging effect of the sun on our skin but when it comes to applying sun cream many people forget their feet. Apply sun cream on the tops of your feet as well as the soles, you may not realise but your feet are at risk of sun damage too!

9. Soak your feet

Not every day, but when you have had a particularly hard day on your feet, pamper them with a foot soak to revitalise them. Just 10 minutes in a bowl of water with some bath salts or oil of your choice should really help. If you want to get rid of some dead skin cells at the same time then add a little milk, as the acids in the milk will help loosen dead skin.

10. Massage

Treat your feet to a regular massage - not only will it help keep them looking youthful but it can also increase blood flow and even prevent wrinkles!

Taking care of your feet properly will ensure they serve you well over the years to come, so take on the tips above and you should have healthy, young looking and above all happy feet.



Date of Prep: July 2016