How to remove moles and warts

Moles should only be removed if there is a risk of melanoma developing or if you find them embarrassing or difficult to cope with, for example when shaving. Contact your doctor for advice on mole removal.

Warts should be removed to prevent them from spreading to others. The easiest way to remove warts is to use an effective over the counter treatment, such as EndWarts. Formic acid, which is the active ingredient in EndWarts, can be used by the whole family and has been proven to remove nine out of ten warts1  

1 Bhat et al., International Journal of Dermatology 2001, 40, 415±419.

Wart removal

Its important with wart treatment. How do you remove warts?

Preventing warts

How do you get warts and what is the best way to prevent warts?