Formic acid for warts

If you have tried several wart removal treatments with no success, you are not alone. Warts can be difficult to get rid of and they have a tendency to come back.

But there are effective ways to eliminate unsightly – and sometimes painful – warts and verrucas. Formic acid is a relatively new and easy to use over the counter solution for warts removal that has a track record of successfully eliminating over nine in ten warts. The Formic acid in wart treatment has a dehydrating effect but is in itself corrosive, therefore it should be used with caution.

Using formic acid for warts removal

Warts and verrucas can cause embarrassment and have a negative effect on your quality of life. In addition, warts are contagious and to avoid spreading your infection from one part of your body to another, or to other people, you should start treatment as soon as a new wart appears. Formic acid is a biodegradable, organic compound that can be used to treat warts on your hands, feet, elbows and knees. The solution is applied on to the wart once a week and is absorbed directly into the wart, drying it from the inside out. Over time, this causes your body to gently reject the wart. When used correctly, formic acid does not scar the skin or cause infections.

Who should use formic acid for warts?

Over the counter solutions are usually recommended as a first step to treating warts and you do not need a diagnosis or prescription from a doctor to use formic acid. Formic acid is easy to apply and can be used by most people, including young children with warts. Unlike some other over the counter solutions, formic acid can also be used by diabetics and pregnant and nursing mothers. It is a good choice when you need to treat several warts at once.

What is the success rate of formic acid wart treatment?

Several clinical trials have proved that formic acid solutions are very effective for wart removal. In one such trial,1, which was published in the International Journal of Dermatology, nine out of ten people reported that their warts had disappeared at the end of the treatment period, which lasted 12 weeks. On average, 4-5 treatments were needed. EndWarts PEN is a wart treatment that contains formic acid that can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

What are the alternatives to formic acid warts treatment?

If you choose not to treat your warts they might disappear on their own. However, this could take several years or longer and in the meantime your warts could spread to other parts of your body, as well as to family members and other people that you come into contact with.

Home treatments

Most warts can be removed at home with an over the counter solution such as formic acid. Other wart treatments that are sold over the counter may contain salicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid (TCA). It is also possible to freeze warts at home with Nitrous Oxide for example. If you have tried formic acid and Nitrous Oxide and your warts did not disappear, you can consult a dermatologist or doctor about treatment at a clinic.

Clinic treatments

Wart treatment at a clinic is usually reserved for the most difficult cases, when an over the counter treatment has failed or the warts have recurred. Common clinic treatments include burning warts or freezing warts (cryotherapy). Laser removal and surgery (curettage) are other options. Although the results from a clinic treatment are usually instant, taking this route can be costly. Additionally, clinic treatments are sometimes painful and leave scars on the skin.

1 Topical formic acid puncture technique for the treatment of common warts. 2001.
Ramesh M. Bhat, MD, DVD, DNB, Krishna Vidya, MD, and Ganesh Kamath, MBBS, DVD



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