Trichloroacetic acid warts removal

Trichloroacetic acid warts removal, or TCA treatment as it is also called, is an acid-based, gel-like treatment for warts and verrucas.

It is available as an over the counter solution and can be applied at home. Just like salicylic acid, TCA treatments are corrosive and peel away the upper layer of the tissue on the wart. However, TCA is a stronger acid than salicylic acid, so it requires more safety precautions during the application. 

How do you use TCA?

TCA should be applied all over the wart surface twice a day for four days. After a break of four days, the process is repeated until the wart is gone, up to four times. The application process is long, as it takes 10-15 minutes for the solution to dry. 

Who should use trichloroacetic acid?

A trichloroacetic acid warts removal solution can be used if you wish to treat warts or verrucas at home. However, unlike formic acid solutions, trichloroacetic acid should not be used on children under the age of four. Additionally, if you are diabetic, pregnant or lactating, you should consult a doctor before using TCA treatment. The efficacy of TCA treatment is largely dependent on the concentration of the TCA solution. Unlike formic acid solutions, which have a dehydrating effect, removing the whole wart with TCA can be challenging. Removing the whole wart is necessary to avoid recurrence.

Symptoms of warts

Wart symptoms can vary considerably. What are the most common signs?

Removing warts

There are a number of different methods for removing your wart, what are the different options?

What are the alternatives to TCA treatment?

Home treatments

Most warts can be removed at home with an over the counter solution. Formic acid has been proven to remove nine out of ten warts1  in just 12 weeks. EndWarts PEN, which contains formic acid, dehydrates the wart from the inside and causes your body to reject it. It is an effective wart treatment solution that can be used by the whole family. Cryotherapy, or freezing warts, is also done at home. Nitrous oxide (N2O), is a very cold gas that freezes the wart at -80°C and reaches the deepest layer of the wart. Other over the counter wart treatments may contain salicylic acid. If you have tried an over the counter treatment and your warts did not disappear, you can consult a dermatologist or doctor about treatment at a clinic.

Clinic treatments

Wart treatment at a clinic is usually reserved for the most difficult cases, when an over the counter treatment has failed or the warts have recurred. Common clinic treatments include burning warts or freezing warts (cryotherapy).  

1 2001 Topical formic acid puncture technique for the treatment of common warts.
Ramesh M. Bhat, MD, DVD, DNB, Krishna Vidya, MD, and Ganesh Kamath, MBBS, DVD

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