EndWarts® FREEZE | easy home freeze treatment to remove warts

What is EndWarts® FREEZE?

EndWarts® FREEZE is our latest alternative to EndWarts® PEN that uses rapid freeze technology (otherwise known as cryotherapy) to effectively remove warts and verrucas from hands, arms and feet.

EndWarts® FREEZE is an efficient, high-tech device that makes it easy to remove warts on hands, arms or feet. Often only one treatment is sufficient.1

Ultra FREEZE Technology

EndWarts® FREEZE is the only home treatment device containing nitrous oxide, which is a very cold gas. EndWarts® FREEZE

  • Ultra Freeze Technology ensures the device starts at a very low temperature (-80°C compared with most treatments freezing at -50°C) which is maintained during application, so the deepest layer of the wart can be reached.

  • A recent clinical study evaluated cryotherapies and found EndWarts® FREEZE to deliver significant results with good tolerability, described as user friendly and effective.1

  • Due to the temperature of the gas, after just a few seconds of use, the core of the wart will be reached and destroyed. As a result, only one treatment is usually needed and warts should disappear within 14 days.1-2 However, older or larger warts may need more than one treatment, particularly if they are on the soles of the feet.

  • See the Treatment section for more information about cryotherapy treatment.

Using EndWarts® FREEZE on children

EndWarts® FREEZE may be used on children over the age of four.2 Always ensure that it is a wart you are dealing with before applying treatment. Please note that cryotherapy can be perceived as slightly painful and uncomfortable for small children. As an alternative treatment we can recommend the EndWarts® PEN, which may be better tolerated by children, although may need a few more treatments.

How to use EndWarts® FREEZE

Do not use EndWarts® FREEZE:

  • On children under the age of four
  • On the face, groin, genitals, scalp or mucosa
  • On healthy skin (skin without warts)
  • On warts located on sensitive skin; take particular care when treating areas of thin skin
  • If the wart and/or surrounding skin is bleeding or open, irritated, itchy, infected or red
  • If you are not sure the growth is a common wart, we recommend seeking professional advice
  • On moles, corns, blisters, other skin defects or anything that might be skin cancer (melanoma)
  • On liquid filled vesicles on the skin (called ‘molluscum contagiosum’) or any other vesicles or blisters.
  • If pregnant or a nursing mother
  • On persons with diabetes and/or problems with blood circulation or blood clotting
  • On multiple warts at the same time if they are located close together. Wait 14 days before you treat the next wart.

Treating verrucas (foot warts) with EndWarts® FREEZE

Hard skin on top of the wart makes freezing more difficult, so to achieve the best results follow these steps:

  1. Soak the affected area in lukewarm water until the skin is soft.
  2. Gently remove any overlaying skin on inward growing warts on the foot e.g. with a foot file.
  3. Make sure that the wart and surrounding skin are completely dry before treatment.
  4. Do not file the wart itself; it may become tender and will form a new hard surface.


Before first use:

Screw one full turn until the star is back into the shaded zone, some force is needed. Don’t worry if you turn the star past the shaded zone. EndWarts® FREEZE is now activated.

How to use EndWarts on body parts

Then follow these simple steps:

1. Load
Place EndWarts® FREEZE on a flat and stable surface. Hold EndWarts® FREEZE with a steady grip with one hand so it does not slip. With the other hand, push the device downward with enough pressure for 2 long seconds. There should be a hissing sound.

How to use EndWarts on body parts

2. Check
Remove the cap. You should see ice vapour. Use the product immediately! If there is no ice vapour, repeat the Load step.

How to use EndWarts on body parts

3. Treat
Immediately press the tip of EndWarts® FREEZE firmly against the wart. For best results, the time is crucial. Use a clock or count out loud slowly:

  • 15 seconds on hands, fingers and arms
  • 40 seconds on feet

How to use EndWarts on body parts

After treating the wart, put the cap back on and store in a refrigerator.

How to use EndWarts on body parts

For a successful treatment, always read the instructions carefully before use.

Download the instruction leaflet to read the full instructions for use.

Where can I buy EndWarts® FREEZE?

EndWarts® FREEZE is available online and from your local pharmacy.

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Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about EndWarts® PEN and EndWarts® FREEZE? Read our frequently asked questions.


About warts and verrucas

Warts are caused by HPV viruses and there are four different types, including verrucas. Find out more about the different types of warts and what causes them.

What are warts and verrucas?

EndWarts® PEN

EndWarts® PEN is an effective wart treatment that takes only seconds to apply. The solution can be used by the whole family to remove warts and verrucas on hands and feet*. For children under 4 a HCP should be consulted.

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Endwarts Freeze

EndWarts® FREEZE

EndWarts® FREEZE is our latest alternative to EndWarts® PEN that uses rapid freeze technology (otherwise known as cryotherapy) to effectively remove warts and verrucas from hands and feet.

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After treatment

Immediately after treatment the treated area should turn white. After a little while the skin should go back to its normal colour and the wart may look red.

Using EndWarts® FREEZE may also cause a tingling feeling and the skin may feel sore. These effects should go away after a few hours.

Within a few minutes to several days after freezing, a blister may develop, occasionally filled with blood. This is a normal result of the freezing process and usually indicates that the treatment was successful. Do not attempt to burst the blister. If necessary, protect it with a plaster / sterile bandage, or if the blister has opened, disinfect it properly.

The treated wart should slowly disappear after 10 to 14 days.1-2 However, it may take longer for the skin to fully recover.

If the wart is located on the sole of the foot it may feel painful to walk on it. To make it less painful, apply a round corn plaster to the area.

  • Do not pick at the treated area or try to tear the wart off!
  • Keep the treated area clean and disinfect if needed.
  • Bathing and showering are allowed immediately after treatment.

Storing EndWarts® FREEZE

After each use, wait two minutes, then discard the disposable tip and insert a new tip. Once complete, replace the cap and store the device in the refrigerator. Remember to always replace the cap after each use.


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  • 2. EndWarts® FREEZE instructions for use

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