EndWarts® | easy and effective wart removal treatment

Tired of warts and verucas?

Two effective treatments for warts
and verrucas

With two easy-to-use options, EndWarts® PEN and the unique EndWarts® FREEZE, we
offer easy and effective treatment for the whole family.


EndWarts® PEN

EndWarts® PEN is an effective wart treatment that takes only seconds to apply. The solution can be used by the whole family to remove warts and verrucas on hands and feet*. For children under 4 a HCP should be consulted.

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Endwarts Freeze

EndWarts® FREEZE

EndWarts® FREEZE is our latest alternative to EndWarts® PEN that uses rapid freeze technology (otherwise known as cryotherapy) to effectively remove warts and verrucas from hands and feet.

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Want to know more about
warts and verrucas?

You can learn more about warts and verrucas in the sections below.

What are warts and verrucas?

There are four main types of Warts, including verrucas, all caused by HPV viruses. Find out more about the different types of warts and what causes them.


Wart and verruca prevention

Avoiding and preventing the spread of warts and verrucas can be difficult. Find out more about wart and verruca prevention.


Wart and verruca treatment

There are a number of different methods for removing warts and verrucas. Find out more about wart and verruca treatments.


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